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The So’Ham Bugün Company is located in the very heart of downtown Orléans.
Courses and classes are held at 108 rue de Bourgogne (See Google Map in the footer of the site).
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Dance classes

Intuitive dancing

So’ham Bugün offers year-round dance classes, led by Barbara Goguier, the Company’s director and choreographer.

These classes are a mix of intuitive, Turkish and Dervish dance, inspired by Qi Gong.

Nous contacter pour les dates de stages et les cours pour l’année 2023.

Nous contacter pour les tarifs 2023

+ Adhésion: 25 € pour l’année

Plus d’info:

Personal training

Intuitive theater and/or dancing

  • your self
  • confidence
  • your intuition
  • your creativity
  • your clear-headedness
  • your speaking skills
  • an anchored, dynamic, flexible and toned body
  • Letting go
  • Listening to your body from the inside
  • Relaxing
  • Developing the right empathy
  • Developing your charisma
  • Placing your voice
  • Exploring the range of emotions
  • Dive into a role and come out safely
  • Yoga postures and traditional Turkish dance bases for anchoring, tone and flexibility.
  • Dervish dance bases for connection and re-alignment (of your being and your spine)
  • Qi gong related movements related
  • Intuitive free dancing
  • Meditation and relaxation

It is a work with a very powerful energy dimension. It allows working on different levels such as the physical body, the emotional body and the energetic body. We will connect to the subconscious mind safely and with the utmost kindness to allow erroneous memories to be released through this work of the body.

For the theatrical approach, Barbara Goguier relies on the Eginton method (based on the Feldenkrais method). This involves a lot of work on the body before accessing text itself. It is possible to come with a text or to let the intervener choose what she thinks will be of interest to you.

Classes can take place at the person’s home or at the MAM (Maison des Arts et de la Musique) on Thursdays.

Just contact us for more information, we can adapt to your request.

The rate is fixed at 60 € per hour including tax.

You will leave with exercises to practice at home (daily) as well as a report at the end of the session(s).

We will ask you to send us what you wish to work on in order to target the sessions as well as possible.


Intuitive theater and dancing

“The goal of these courses is to offer a space of creative freedom on both a personal and artistic level. Wouldn’t creating a work of art be giving birth to oneself somehow?

Creativity is a wonderful way to get to know ourselves, to discover our potential, our abilities but also our limits. It is a face to face with ourselves and with the emotions that run through us or sometimes haunt us.

Over one week, the course allows an immersion in the carefully chosen world of Victor Hugo’s poems: it is an invitation to travel. A journey that is both individual and collective, which is a testament to the values of the So’ham Bugün Company: to create bridges between cultures, to unify dualities, to highlight the individual and the collective.

The goal of the courses is to bring out the emotions born from the text, to let them express themselves in order to free the most rebellious of them. Through my career and my personal life, I’ve seen how society represses certain emotions and the incessant flow of productivism takes us away from an inner listening which is a necessity for our fulfilment”.

Barbara Goguier

  • Theatre and Video
  • Interpretation
  • Work on emotion
  • Voice Placement
  • Dance
  • Energy
  • Movements related to Qi gong
  • Traditional Turkish & dervish dancing
  • Trance, intuitive dance

‘ In the sky we don’t meet, we blend. ‘

 Victor Hugo