I believe things
which have
no contours

Over the course of residencies, ‘I believe things which have no contours’ takes shape.
It is a transversal and multidisciplinary show, anchored in the text that carries it.

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I believe
which have
no contours

Text, video, music, dancers and an aerial silk circus artist, with Manon Briaumont, Barbara Goguier and Pascale Goubert.  

55 min


Text declaimed at the microphone by with Barbara Goguier and music from Mathieu Gaborit (alias aYato San) & Éric Martinen.

50 min

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Video performance with Barbara Goguier.

Video available with a password.

32 min



Transversal and multidisciplinary, “I believe things…” mixes circus arts and dance, staging bodies in a space where aerial and ground dancing, video, music and poetry are combined.

‘ To be here and now, to grasp the movements of the world, to let them enter into oneself, to let them take their place in oneself in order to live them fully. (…) Heart, ears, eyes and arms open, Barbara Goguier tries to capture what makes life until death, and offers an immersion experience centred on feeling. ‘

Based on texts taken from two notebooks of the Séances des tables, the result of the spiritualist sessions conducted by Victor Hugo and his entourage during his exile in Jersey from 1853 to 1855.

Directed by Barbara Goguier.


Plusieurs entrées

How could we say the world, how could we say the life that begins, passes and ends, other than by showing movement?

By presenting artists with their own personalities – circus artist, actress, dancer… – on stage, Barbara Goguier creates a unique work, and thus tries to express the world in its intrinsically plural form. By associating disciplines, she brings to light what the world holds: beings and things, all different, combining to create a unified work. One life. One world. In this way, the artist calls upon the arts to bring substance to things, to accept complexity and in the end, to see the richness of it all.

Through the poetry of Victor Hugo, Barbara Goguier offers us a human representation and suggests paths of liberation. I believe in things which have no contours invites us to open up the field, in a work in motion, considering life as a sum of connections. Barbara Goguier invites the tightrope walkers that we are to dance in life, to open ourselves wide to capture the sounds, images, gestures, silences, words and movements and dare to become fully ourselves. 

Heart, ears, eyes and arms open, Barbara Goguier tries to capture what makes life until death, and offers an immersion experience centered on feeling. 

To be here and now, to grasp the movements of the world, to let them enter into oneself, to let them settle within oneself in order to live them fully. With this intention, she seeks to free everyone from their prisons. Barbara Goguier offers her audience the opportunity to embark upon life, to get lost in it, to dare to engage darkness in order to find light. Let yourself be filled with life, with its bumps and hollows that define it wholly. And within it, fully within it, find your place.

At a time when complexity seems to plague the world and paralyze beings. In these hectic times when insight sometimes seems so difficult, when beings stray and wander, seeking their place, complete, right and whole. At this moment of our humanity, all alone and connected, Barbara Goguier proposes through ‘I believe things that have no contours’, pathways. A web woven to conciliate and reconcile.

Beyond art, her work invites a philosophical, political and sociological reflection on the place of each individual, their unfolding and personal fulfilment, the acceptance of death and before it, of life. She celebrates light to transcend fear. Creates connections so that a form appears, strong and unique. She invites us to face the work, through our own movements and with all our senses, to create our own form, and to make our life a unique work, full and open at the same time.

Aurélie Jeanin (La Petite Maison à Plumes).

Translated with DeepL translator.

Je crois des choses qui n'ont pas de contours


On stage

Aerial silk : Manon BRIAUMONT

Texts and dance :  Barbara GOGUIER & Pascale GOUBERT

Live music :  Éric MARTINEN

Research is conducted through residencies and creative collaborations.

The cast may evolve.


Text editing, direction and choreography: Barbara GOGUIER

Sound, video and music design: Éric MARTINEN

Musical collaboration: Mathieu GABORIT (aka aYaTo)

Lighting: Jean-Paul DUCHÉ


Victor Hugo : pensive, winged, alive.

The texts used in the show are taken from the compilation ” …égaré dans les plis de l’obéissance au vent “, directed and published by André Du Bouchet in collaboration with Madeleine Marion and Redjep Mitrovitsa and taken from ” L’œil égaré dans les plis de l’obéissance au vent ” published by Seghers in 2001.

It is an anthology of texts taken mainly from Victor Hugo’s posthumous collection “Océan” (“If I die before I finish, my children will find (…) a considerable quantity of half-done or completely written things, verses, prose. They will publish all this under the title Océan”) but also from accounts, written by several persons, during daily communication sessions by the daily tables made by Victor Hugo and his entourage, during their exile in Jersey after Napoleon III came to power.


“Where are the abysses, where are the cliffs? Why do we settle for the flat aspects of this land and this life? Somewhere there must be frightening holes, tears of the infinite with huge stars in the background and unheard-of gleams. »

“In the distance you can hear
Shouting the capstan from a rising anchor.
Horses on the shore
Dragging carts loaded with seaweed;
Women stirring sand and silt,
Passing by, trouble in hand and prowling around, bare-legged.
Tall white birds come and go in the clouds.
On the horizon the sea, bottomless as night. »

“I live in a splendid solitude, as if perched on the point of a rock, with all the vast foam of the waves and all the great clouds of the sky under my window; I live in this immense dream of the ocean, I am gradually becoming a sleepwalker of the sea. My thoughts float and come and go, as if unravelled by all this gigantic oscillation of the infinite. »